Plan B Dessertery is located on 41 Mackeurtan Avenue, Durban North. If you have a sweet tooth like me then you’ll definitely like Plan B. They have a huge selection to choose from whether you want coffee or you are on an ice cream date or you just want some waffles. The inspiration behind Plan B Dessertery comes from street-food desserts around the world, the kind that are easy to hold and don’t need a knife and fork to eat.


The signature – or most popular – choice seems to be the bubble waffles. The waffle irons are lined up in a row in the kitchen, each one ensuring golden, bubbly perfection. These are then filled with nine creative options like the sweet but ever-so-comforting Bee’s Knees with caramel ice cream, texturally pleasing honeycomb, and caramel sauce, or the Wimbledon with vanilla ice cream, strawberries and cream. The waffles can easily be shared and are generously filled. A serious treat.

Dessert tacos are made from waffle cones and filled with equally tempting ice cream and toppings. Try the Sunbow Taco with vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, mini Astros and rainbow sprinkles, or the classic Banana Split Taco with banana chunks, chocolate and candied nuts.


The beverage list is split into hot or cold drinks, with coffee options made with local Terbodore Coffee. Think lattes, flat whites, iced coffees and the Black and Tan coffee, which is made with espresso, steamed milk, chocolate-and-caramel sauce and a topping of whipped cream.


Place your order at the bar and collect from the relevant counter. While some busy takeaway spots can be somewhat chaotic, this place seems to know the drill with orders being taken efficiently and without fuss. The order and collection counters work smoothly with numbers being called out for those sitting outside.


The small dessert bar has ample seating, from the few tables and benches inside to the outdoor seating around the fountain outside. The space is decorated in light wood, with mint hues and bright green succulents. It’s a real hit with tertiary students and school kids.


I had the Wimbledon bubble waffles. It’s a delicious waffle stuffed with vanilla ice cream, crushed me crushed meringue, chocolate sauce and normally with strawberries but I had mine with mixed berries. It was delicious and got a bit messy but it was worth it. 




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